How it all started

In January of 2023, I caught the pickleball bug. I was listening to David Goggins yell at me to stop being a little you-know-what in an audio book while on the treadmill when I watched someone's great great grandpa absolutely clobber a pickleball at the foot of a younger athletic woman during a rec game at the YMCA. He then laughed maniacally at her shocked face while walking backwards to the baseline of the court. 

That man was Steve, and he had what I later learned was “the dog in him.” 

He’s also the reason I started playing pickleball. 

Several months later, I brought my little brother, Amir, along and it’s been a great bonding experience for us. We didn’t see many pickleball tees and the ones we did see inspired our own interpretations of pickleball swag. When designing our shirts, we wanted to capture the essence of the pickleball community so that everyone who’s part of it feels seen and can show off their love for the game in their own way. 

One of the greatest things about pickleball is that it’s a family affair. Truly. We don’t even need to go to a rec match to see it, we can see it on Youtube watching the pros. Siblings are playing together, there are mother/daughter duos, and significant others. I mean, what other sport do you see this at the professional level!? 

My brother and I may not be Jorja & JW Johnson or Riley and Lindsey Newman on the courts, but OFF the courts, when it comes to pickleball merch, well that’s where we shine. We truly hope you enjoy the collections! 

So why the name Peace and Pickle? 

Three reasons. First, as a Muslim, in anything I do I hope to always bring the message of peace with me. It is what Islam, the religion I practice, means and it’s a timeless message I hope to impart in some small ways on anyone I encounter at any time. 

Second, it’s a reminder for me. Anyone who has played pickleball understands that it can be quite addictive. So for me, peace has to come first. 

I hope no matter how much I love pickleball I can always find reminders for prioritizing peace in all my endeavors. 

Lastly, I found it so cool that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. And pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world. I thought, what better way to marry the two fastest growing something’s in the world that I love!