Meet the Picklers

The pro picklers that make the community what it is!

  • Judy

    Judy: charming, formidable, and a force on the court. Her smile melts hearts, her backhand strikes fear. Don't underestimate her delightful demeanor – beneath it lies a relentless competitor who conquers any challenge with her strength and determination.

  • Robert

    Robert, an avid pickleball player, is a force to be reckoned with on the court. With lightning-fast reflexes and strategic finesse, he dominates his opponents with an unwavering determination and a paddle in hand.

  • Patricia

    Patricia, a skilled and passionate pickleball player, brings a unique blend of finesse and power to the court. With her precise shots and strategic gameplay, she leaves her opponents in awe as she navigates the pickleball court with grace and tenacity.

  • Nancy

    Nancy, a talented college student, strikes a balance between her academic pursuits and her passion for pickleball. On the court, she showcases her agility, quick thinking, and relentless drive, leaving opponents scrambling to keep up with her formidable game.

  • Joe

    Joe likes to remind everyone he’s better at singles than doubles. When he misses or mis-hits, he looks at his paddle in accusation. 


    He’s cool and annoyingly good at pickleball.

  • Heather

    Heather actually does have the dog in her. She’s better than everyone else and she kinda knows it but she’s not super showboat-y about it.

    She just has a calm confidence and will make you feel and look dumb everytime she plays you. She’s bout the pickleball life.

  • Tom

    Tom wants you to know every single doctor appointment he has for the coming weeks and every ailment he’s having treated.

    You don’t have to be a willing participant in these conversations, just a nod or two every couple minutes will suffice.

  • Lori

    Lori suffers from RBF but is actually nice once you get to know her. I wouldn’t know, because I’ve only been privileged to catch the full power of her RBF. She’s got a mean drive, no drop, and will speed up everything at the kitchen.